Truck Bodies

Dry Freight

Delivery / Cargo Truck

Built to last, TK Truck’s Delivery/Cargo Van Body is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any payload requirement. Regardless of what you’re hauling, you can have confidence in this van to suit all your hauling needs. With a variety of features and options, this van can be optimized for your exact requirements.

Insulated Freight

TK Truckbody understands that requirements are unique to each customer. The Insulated Freight van body is your solution to your moderate temperature control needs. Ensuring that your cargo is maintained is a top priority and we built the Insulated Freight van body with that in the forefront of our minds.


The TK Truckbody Cutaway Van Body is the most convenient, most resilient cutaway van on the road today. We’ve redesigned and retooled our standard cutaway van, then tested it again and again and again, to give you a versatile body unparalleled in its rugged dependability. Added strength to combat potential damage. Increased cubic payload so you can carry more and get your job done more efficiently.

Cutaway Service Body for Trucks


The curtain-side van body combines the benefits of added cargo protection with ease of accessibility. Protect your product from the harsh environment, and prying eyes while not compromising access to your precious cargo.

Curtain Sides Service Body for trucks

Cargo Van

TK Truckbody’s Cargo Vans use your brand of choice cargo van taken to the next level with the enhancements you require. Our Cargo Vans are used by industries such as general delivery, package delivery, truck rental, home delivery, office supply delivery, expediting companies, hot-shot services, and municipalities. Our modifications will address any of your transportation needs.

Cargo Vans Truck Bodies


With nearly 50 years’ experience in manufacturing refrigerated bodies, we have designed our TK Truckbody Refrigerated Van to truly deliver on thermal efficiency and durability. From small to large, mid-temp to deep frozen, multi-temperature units, we can build the right refrigerated truck for you. Matched with our state of the art Thermo King Refrigeration units, our Refrigerated Van Bodies are unmatched.

Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Furniture / Moving

We made choosing the right Furniture/Moving van body an easy choice. Work flow is crucial to increasing productivity so we designed our Furniture/Moving van body around ease-of-use while still maximizing storage capacity. Smooth loading and unloading, easy to clean surfaces and reliable cargo control make your life easier so you can focus on your job, not your van body.

Furniture Moving Truck Bodies


Steamer Van Body

TK Truckbody’s Insulated Steamer Vans are used to steam and wash equipment, buildings, well heads and can also be used for any other application that might require steam or wash services.

Steamer Van Truck Bodies