Service Bodies

Tire Service Truck

TK Truckbody Tire service bodies stand up to the most rigorous daily demands of safety, reliability, efficiency and longevity. In fact, the innovative tire service body is engineered to out-last and out-work any truck it’s mounted on. Tire bodies can be outfitted with high quality Liftgates, Tire Cranes and air Compressors.

Tire Truck Body

Workshop Service Bodies

TK Truck can add an enclosed workshop to any of our body & deck models. The workshops can be manufactured out of steel or aluminum to any length or width required. For cold weather applications we offer various insulation and heater options.

Flat Deck Service Truck

Our flat decks are built using the best heavy-duty steel material and superior hardwood flooring. We supply heavy-duty flat decks in your choice of steel or aluminum with smooth, checker plate or T&G wood flooring. Our Flat Deck Service Trucks can be built for any size vehicle from shortbox pickups to tridem axle trucks.

Welding Service Truck

We supply custom welder bodies in deck and full body configurations in your choice of steel or aluminum. Durability and functionality are our top-priorities when crafting this service body.

Lube Service Truck

We offer a large selection of lube bodies for any size chassis. Lube bodies can be made from steel or aluminum in any design or configuration.

Premium lube equipment combined with any size steel or aluminum product.

Standard Service Bodies

Our standard dry freight truck body has a full array of customization options to improve the efficiency of your day to day operation. With side wall options including: Aluminum Riveted or Bonded, Fiber Reinforced Plywood, and Duraplate – we can assure your exact meets are met.